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Our range of term deposits offer reliable returns and competitive interest rates.

Term Deposit

Term Deposit

You can lock in our highly competitive term deposit rates now and relax. Your savings will be protected from market risks and you will receive a predictable return. Your deposit will be guaranteed by the Australian Government (up to a limit of $250,000) and you can receive interest payments taken either monthly or at maturity. 

Investment Plus

Interest on the Investment Plus Term Deposit is paid at maturity (or annually for terms over 12 months) and a minimum deposit size of $1,000 applies. Investment Plus interest rates also apply to the Teen Plus as well as a minimum deposit size of $500. 


Term $1,000 and above
3 to 5 Months 3.50% p.a.
6 to 9 Months 4.80% p.a.
10 to 11 Months 4.80% p.a.
12 Months 4.80% p.a.
13 to 15 Months 4.65% p.a.
16 to 23 Months 3.95% p.a.
24 to 36 Months 3.95% p.a.

Income Plus

Interest on the Income Plus Term Deposits is paid monthly and a minimum deposit size of $1,000 applies.

Term $1,000 and above
3 to 5 Months 3.40% p.a.
6 to 9 Months 4.70% p.a.
10 to 11 Months 4.70% p.a.
12 Months 4.70% p.a.


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