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The ADCU Difference

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What is a Credit Union?

A credit union is made up of members who each own an equal share of the business and are essentially shareholders.

Unlike banks, credit unions have no external shareholders to pay in the form of dividends, and as such, do not usually seek to maximise and make large profits or capital gains.

This means that instead of paying out profits in the form of dividends to shareholders, we reinvest the profits back into our business, ensuring our members are rewarded with more competitive products, services and fees.

The Credit Union Difference

As a credit union, we exist for the benefit of our members. The needs of our member’s drive all of our decisions and our people strive to deliver an excellent customer service experience every time.

We are committed to improving the standard of living of our members by encouraging savings, making loans available at the lowest possible cost, and providing other services to suit the banking needs of our members and their families.

We meet these needs by understanding our members and designing products and services to suit. Most importantly, we listen to our members and use your feedback to improve our service.

As a mutual organisation, owned by, and run for the benefit of its members, we also look to create a positive impact on the local communities.

As a shareholder, each member has an equal say in how their credit union operates.

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